This page is used to pull everything together into complete advertisements that you can display on your site.
You will need to have at least one category, one field, one style and one product created before you can create an advertisement.
For each ad that you create, you will specify the style and product that will be used with the ad.

Each of the settings here are explained below:
‘Ad Name’ – Just a name for your own reference. You will see this name and the ad number in a drop down list in the page/post editor (which you use to insert the shortcode for the ad).
‘Product ASIN / ID’ – The ASIN for the product that you want this ad to promote. Get the ASIN from the Amazon (found in product information on the product page or even in the product page url). As of Version 1.2.0, you can also enter the product ID in this box if you choose to use something besides an Amazon ad.
‘Ad Site’ – A new feature in Version 1.2.0 that allows you to show ads from sites other than Amazon. By default, Amazon will be selected in this drop-down box. You can choose other ‘Sites’ in this drop-down box that you have created in the ‘Sites’ admin area.
‘ Alternative Product’, ‘ Alternative Product’ & ‘ Alternative Product’ – These settings are optional with each ad that you create.
Unless you are using more than one Amazon country site, then you will never need to use these settings.
When you use more than one Amazon country site, the plugin will pull the ad from the relevant Amazon country site using the ‘Amazon Product ASIN’.
For many products on, the same exact product will also be available on some/all of the other Amazon country sites under the same ASIN.
If you promote products that do not have matching products on other Amazon country sites, you can specify an Alternative Product for each Amazon country site (although you won’t want to use all three settings).
If you find that you need to use these settings, create your main ad using the ‘Amazon Product ASIN’ for your default Amazon site.
Then, create additional ads for any Alternative Products that you need to use.
For the Alternative Products, make sure to use the ‘Amazon Product ASIN’ for the alternative product on the correct country site.
Finally, edit the main ad again and select the Alternative Product ads in the appropriate drop down boxes.
Most people will probably not use these Alternative Product features, but it is something that I wanted to include in the plugin because I find myself needing these features on my own Amazon sites.
As of Version 1.2.0, these settings do not necessarily refer to Amazon only alternative products. You can still use these alternative product settings with other ad networks.
The same country detection rules apply to other sites as they do to the Amazon ads.
This means that you can show ads from Amazon to visitors from one set of countries and shows ads from another affiliate site besides Amazon to visitors of another set of countries!
‘Style’ – Select a style from the drop down box that you want to apply to this ad. The available styles are styles that you create on the ‘Styles’ Admin page.
‘Product’ – Select a product from the drop down box that you want to use to populate the Field Box (product information). Available products were created on the ‘Products’ Admin page.
‘Ad Type’ – This lets you choose the advertisement type to be displayed in the Ad Box. The Amazon ‘Enhanced’ ads won’t require additional information.
If you choose to display an ‘Image’ ad, you will need to provide the ‘Image URL’ for the Image ad.
If you choose to display a ‘Text’ ad, you will need to provide the ‘Link Anchor Text’ for the Text ad.
If you choose to display an ‘Image & Text’ ad, you will have to provide both the ‘Image URL’ and the ‘Link Anchor Text’.
‘Image URL’ – This is an optional setting unless you select ‘Image’ or ‘Image & Text’ for the ‘Ad Type’.
You can specify a relative, local path to an image or an absolute website address for the image.
In most cases, you will need to download the product image (Save As) from the product page on Amazon and upload it to your website (through Cpanel or FTP).
‘Link Anchor Text’ – This is also an optional setting, but you will want to have this filled out in most cases because it will get used more often than the ‘Image URL’.
In addition to being used as the text for the Text Link that is used for ‘Text’ and ‘Image & Text’ ‘Ad Types’, this link text is also the default text that will be used if you generate a text-only link with the shortcode.
‘Amazon Preview’ – Amazon Preview is a fairly new feature that Amazon offers for ‘Image’, ‘Text’ and/or ‘Image & Text’ Ads.
This will enable Amazon Preview to be used with any of these types of ads for this advertisement.
This feature will not do anything for Enhanced Ads. Please take note about ‘Amazon Preview’ mentioned previously under ‘Turn Header Text Into Link’.
‘Header Titles’ – This setting lets you specify whether to use single or double header text for the ad header box.
A ‘Single’ Header Title will only display ‘Header Title #1’. Only ‘Single’ Header Titles can be converted into Header Text Links. These titles are centered over the whole ad box width.
‘Double’ Header Titles will display ‘Header Title #1’ on the left and ‘Header Title #2’ on the right (centered over the lower Ad/Field Boxes).
‘Header Title #1’ – Used as the Header Text for ‘Single’ ‘Header Titles’. Will also be used as the left Header Title Text if using ‘Double’ ‘Header Titles’.
‘Header Title #2’ – Only used as the right Header Title Text if using ‘Double’ ‘Header Titles’.
‘Open Links to New Window’ – This lets you control whether the links in the advertisement should open in a new window (‘Yes’) or the same window as your website (‘No’).
This setting will apply to any link generated from this advertisement (Image or Text).

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