Coupons for Amazon Affiliates in WordPress? Oh Yes!

A new WordPress plugin called Coupon Azon allows you to tap into the power of discount coupon codes with your Amazon affiliate sites. Get Coupon Azon.

Customers love to shop online with coupon codes. In fact, people will often figure out what they want to buy and where they want to buy it from and then go out to find a code to use with their purchase.

I’ve been promoting things as an affiliate for a wide variety of networks for a long time now. Even though Amazon is a favorite of mine, there has always been one specific thing about them that has bugged me – the fact that they don’t have coupon codes (or so I thought until now).

I have always had a minor focus on a few other networks that I won’t mention here simply because they had coupons that affiliates could use. Thanks to Coupon Azon, I can now stick with Amazon even in this one area that I typically found to be their weak point!

There is one more thing worth mentioning about this plugin now – the legalities. We all hate worrying about whether a marketing strategy is actually allowed by an affiliate network or not, so the developer of this product has gone ahead and saved you the time. Edwin Boiten has actually verified with Amazon that using this plugin is in compliance with their terms of service and that using their coupon codes is allowed for affiliates.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to grab your copy of Coupon Azon now through the link below:
Get Coupon Azon

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