These demo sites have been created to show you some of the features and advertising types that can be used with the Product Style Amazon WordPress plugin.

This plugin is extremely powerful and versatile. It can be used with any WordPress theme, and even alongside other premium WordPress plugins.

Amazon Affiliate Store with On-Site Shopping Cart Demo

Boost your Amazon affiliate conversion rates by directing ad clicks through an on-site shopping cart, which allows you to run your own Amazon affiliate store!

Our store shops work with any WordPress theme that has a space for a widget. You can choose any design of plugin advertising to use with the shopping carts.

Plugin Ads & Comparison Charts Demo

Take a look at the power and flexibility that the Product Style plugin can deliver to your Amazon affiliate WordPress site.

This demo site shows a variety of uses of plugin ads and comparison charts. These ads have been styled to fit the design of this site, but the plugin can be used to match any color scheme.

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