Thank you for purchasing the MultiSite Edition of Product Style.

A few notes about Product StyleMultiSite:
-Product Style and Product Style MultiSite should NEVER be used on the same website/network
-Product Style and Product Style MultiSite are downloaded using the same download link (you should’ve received a download link recently in an email not relating to this purchase)
-When you install Product Style MultiSite, DO NOT activate the plugin on the entire network. Instead, let each individual site on the network activate the plugin individually. This will allow you to have different settings for each site using the plugin on the MultiSite Network.

To access Product Style MultiSite, simply visit the download page for Product Style using your download link. A new link is available there to download the MultiSite Edition. If you cannot access Product Style MultiSite after your purchase, you most likely used a different Paypal email address to buy Product Style and Product Style MultiSite. Since the same plugin license key is used for both plugins, the licensing system must be able to connect your purchases in order for you to be able to download both plugins. If you have any problems with this, please contact me through the support ticket system.

Thank you for your continued business,
Ryan Stevenson
Product Style Developer

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