1. Upload the entire “amzps” folder to the plugins directory on your WordPress site ( generally /wp-content/plugins/ ). Overwrite any existing files.
2. Login to your site’s admin area and the plugin update will be complete!

To install Product Style, follow these simple instructions.
1. Upload the entire “amzps” folder to the plugins directory on your WordPress site ( generally /wp-content/plugins/ ).
2. Login to your WordPress Admin and click ‘Plugins’.
3. Click the ‘Activate’ link for the plugin, ‘Product Style for Amazon Ads’.

Optional Installation:
If you want to use country detection with your Amazon ads to show ads from more than one Amazon affiliate site, you will need to install a free plugin on your site.
Click ‘Plugins’ -> ‘Add New’ and search for ‘Country Filter’. Install and Activate this plugin. Next, you will need to complete the full installation instructions for the Country Filter plugin.
You can find the complete installation instructions here: http://www.codediesel.com/plugins/country-filter/
The additional installation instructions guide you to install the ip2nation database, which is a database of IP addresses based on countries.
Here are the steps to complete ip2nation database installation:
1. Download the database from http://www.ip2nation.com/ip2nation/Download
2. After the download is complete extract the ip2nation.sql file from ip2nation.zip
3. Go to your domains phpMyAdmin webpage
4. Select your WordPress Database and click on Import Tab
5. Select the ip2nation.sql SQL file and click Go
6. phpMyAdmin should take a minute to create two tables in your wordpress database : ip2nationCountries and ip2nation.

Once you have completely installed Country Filter, any additional active Amazon affiliate sites on your ‘Settings’ page will be used.

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