This page actually consists of three different pages. Here, you can create, edit and delete Categories, Fields and Products.
Categories are just named containers that hold Fields and Products. The name that you set for a Category is only used to help you identify different categories.
You will first need to create a Category before you can create Fields and Products.

Once you create a Category, you will see a list of current categories in a table. Beside each category name, there are three ‘Actions’.
These ‘Actions’ are buttons that you can click to do something with that Category.
‘Edit/Create Fields’ will take you to the ‘Fields’ admin page for that category.
‘Edit/Create Products’ will take you to the ‘Products’ admin page for that category.
‘Delete Category’ will completely delete the entire category, which means you will also delete the Fields and Products contained within that category.
There is not currently a confirmation step to this deletion process, so take extreme caution.
If you do delete a category on accident and subscribe to my support option, I will restore the category for free.

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