You reach this page through the ‘Edit/Create Fields’ button on the Product Categories page (‘Products’ link in the admin menu).
Here, you simply define the various pieces of information that you want to specify and display for each product in this category.

The ‘Field Name’ will be the displayed name shown to your website visitor.
The ‘Field Input Type’ just specifies whether you will use a single or multi line text box to enter the values for this field (you enter the values on the ‘Products’ page).
The ‘Field Sort Order’ should always be a number. The fields will be ordered by this number when they are displayed in an advertisement. The lowest ‘Field Sort Order’ will be displayed first (usually 0) and the highest ‘Field Sort Order’ will be displayed last. You do not have to increment sort order numbers by only one number – For example, the first Field to be displayed could have a sort order of 0, the second field could have a sort order of 5 and the third field could have a sort order of 10. If you put 5 numbers between each field’s sort order numbers, then it will be easier for you to insert new fields in the future, in between the existing fields.

For example, if you want to show information with your TV ads, you might pick these for your ‘Fields’: Screen Size, Picture Quality, Price.

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