You reach this page through the ‘Edit/Create Products’ button on the Product Categories page (‘Products’ link in the admin menu).
Once you have created Fields for a category, you can create your ‘Products’. Products are not the actual ads that are shown on the site.
Products hold the values for the ‘Fields’ that you have created for this category.
When you Create or Edit a Product, you first have to provide a name for the Product.
This name is just an identifier that allows you to link to this product information from an advertisement.
The website visitor will not actually see the ‘Product Name’ that you provide here.
If you have numerous categories with similar products, make sure you can pick out the product when you are shown a list of products when you create an ad.
In addition to the Product Name, you will also have to enter a value for each of the Fields that you created for the category.

Obviously, you could delete a Field after you have already created products. If you do this, it will not cause your ads to be messed up, but they will stop displaying that particular field.
Additionally, if you don’t enter a value for a Field when you create a product, that Field will not display to website visitors for that product.
This also allows you to create a new Field when you have existing products. Those products will not display the new field until you give them values for the field.

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