How to Promote Amazon Goldbox Deals as an Affiliate

Sometimes it can be difficult to earn commissions as an Amazon affiliate because of the products you are promoting. Many people are shopping for the best price for a particular product, so unless you have thoroughly researched everything you promote, you really cannot be certain that people will decide to buy through your links.

Beyond researching each individual product, there is another way that you can automatically promote deals as an Amazon affiliate. These are known as Goldbox deals, and they are time-sensitive offers for Amazon products.

Although there is certainly no guarantee that these Goldbox deals will be the absolute lowest price for a product online, but the chances are significantly higher than they would be with a standard product promotion. Many of these offers have prices slashed 50% or even more, so it is a great opportunity for affiliates to refer sales on something that will be very attractive to potential customers.

Methods of Promoting Goldbox Deals

  1. For users that are familiar with HTML code and editing their existing websites, Amazon offers an option to promote these deals through the use of a javascript widget. There are some advantages and disadvantages of using this method. The largest disadvantage is that affiliates are on their own to generate and install this code properly. Another disadvantage is that 10% or more of internet users may have javascript disabled in their browser, so these ads will not show up for them. Although this percentage is fairly small, there are a lot of affiliates (including myself) that simply don’t like the idea of completely ignoring the revenue potential of 10% of their overall site traffic.
  2. The other main option is to use software that will automatically generate and even target these ads for you. A couple of main advantages here are the ease of use and the ability to have non-javascript based ads that 100% of your site traffic will be able to see. The downside is that this software is going to be commercially produced, so it won’t be free, although the cost will be very low especially if you run more than one site since the licenses generally allow for unlimited domain use. With software, you will also have the restriction of using something that is compatible with your website. For WordPress based sites, I highly recommend a plugin I personally developed for promoting Amazon Goldbox deals as an affiliate, Daily Deal Azon.

Despite which method you decide will work best for you there are a few guidelines that you should follow to ensure that you utilize Goldbox deals correctly to maximize your earnings.

  • Use Niche Targeted Ads – Basically all websites some type of subject focus, which is known as a niche. You’ll want to target deal ads to match the niche of each of your sites for the best results. This ensures that the people visiting your site will be more likely to be interested in one of the products being promoted.
  • Promote Attractive Deals – A product that is advertised at 85% off the normal price is going to catch more eyes than something that is $1 off, even if the discount is really more. Consider what your target audience may be looking to buy and target your ads accordingly.
  • Vary Your Price Points – Even though $500 off the cost of a $1,000 product may be a great special offer, your chances of landing a sale on something like that are very low. Considering the Amazon widget and most software will allow you to promote more than one product in a single ad space, try to use a variety of price points to increase your chances of a sale. Personally, I like to mostly promote low to mid priced products ($10 – $150) and then possibly promote a single high priced product, when available. This keeps you covered for different people that may be browsing your site while still leaving you a shot at a large commission.

Daily Deal Azon Plugin
My WordPress plugin for promoting Amazon Goldbox deals, Daily Deal Azon, will automatically create ads for your site that include a live deal expiration countdown timer to help gain the attention of your visitors and increase the urgency to buy.

One of the best things about the plugin is the flexibility that it offers. Unlike the standard javascript ads you can create through the Amazon affiliate site, Daily Deal Azon gives you the flexibility to select one of a number of different ad sizes and layouts. Each of these can be customized to your liking without the need for any HTML/CSS programming knowledge, allowing anyone to create an ad that will fit the look of their site.

There are also a ton of filtering options that will let you target specific niches, brands, or even product names with keyword filters. You can also specify discount amounts, product prices, product review ratings and more to ensure that the right type of ad is always being promoted on your site.

Although the plugin was designed for Amazon affiliates, you can still manually create ads for the plugin for any affiliate network or even your own personal products. You can then have these custom deals inserted with the Amazon Goldbox ads or simply display them individually on specific pages on your site.

Take a look at complete information for Daily Deal Azon by clicking on the logo below:
Daily Deal Azon: Amazon Goldbox WordPress Plugin

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