The ‘Settings’ page in the Product Style admin is an important page. Make sure you have your settings filled out correctly here or else you may not properly refer the sales to your account.
Product Style currently supports usage with, and
You will have to have one of these sites set as your default Amazon site.
The default site will be the Amazon site that the plugin uses to generate your ads.

The settings on this page have been explained below:
-Associate ID: This is the referral id that Amazon has provided you to refer sales with. You will need to enter an Associate ID for any site you have ‘Active’.
-Countries: This is a list of the countries that will see ads from this particular Amazon site. This setting is not used for the default Amazon site or for Amazon sites that are not ‘Active’.
If you have more than one country in this list, put a comma between each country (no spaces). For a full list of the country codes, see the County Filter plugin or the ip2nation database.
-Default: The default Amazon site (only one can be selected). Unless someone comes from an Active Amazon site’s ‘Countries’, they will see ads from the default site.
-Active: Only sites marked as ‘Active’ will be used to show ads.
-Enable Admin Country Testing: If you want to pretend to be a visitor to your own website from a country other than your own country, for ad testing purposes, set this to ‘Yes’ and set an ‘Amazon Site To Test’.
-Amazon Site To Test: This is the site that you will test if you set ‘Enable Admin Country Testing’ to ‘Yes’.
-Commission Junction ID ( This setting allows you to enter your affiliate ID from if you want to use those ads on your site. This is a number that assigns to each site that you add to your account.
-Clickbank ID: This is your affiliate ID for clickbank, which is also your login name (generally a text ID/name).

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