Thank you for purchasing Product Style, the Premium WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliates. A receipt was sent to your email address for your purchase.

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Please check your Paypal email address for your download link.

If you have purchased a single domain name license for the plugin, you will need to upgrade your license for $49.00 to be able to install the plugin on more than one domain name. Please contact me if you would like to upgrade your license. You can also find a payment link for that upgrade by attempting to install the plugin on a second domain – the plugin activation will fail and you’ll be presented with that payment link to instantly upgrade your license to allow the activation to take place. You can optionally purchase another single domain license to install the plugin on another domain name.

Important! – The multiple domain name licenses must only be installed on domains owned by the same person. If you own a multiple domain license and wish to sell a website that uses the plugin, you will need to purchase a single domain license to transfer that website to the new owner! If you only own a single domain license, you can sell your website and transfer your license to the new owner, but you will not be able to use that license after you transfer it.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or problems with the plugin.

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